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Eco-friendly hotel

First Ecolabel hotel in Paris

First hotel in Paris to be certified Ecolabel, the Regent’s Garden closely monitors its energy consumption and strives to reduce its waste production while transmitting key human and environmental values.
In order to satisfy the criteria associated with its European Ecolabel certification, the hotel is also fully committed to using organic products, both in its choice of foods (i.e. products stemming from “Max Havelaar” and “Organic Agriculture” certified Fairtrade practices) and with respect to the equipment installed and its maintenance (“L’arbre vert”-labeled cleaning agents).

As such, the entire hotel staff, all of whom have been trained to adopt these practices, is dedicated to this Ecolabel-inspired approach, without at any point sacrificing the quality of our service.

Values shared by our staff and ours customers

To ensure effective application of these resolutions, the hotel has equipped each of its rooms with :

• low-consumption lights (fluo-compact bulbs and LEDs)
• faucet taps fitted with aerators to reduce water flow rates
• sensors that automatically shut off the air conditioning system whenever windows are open
• a card system serving as an automatic on/off light switch
• complimentary bath amenities that comply with strict environmental standards

Rooms and bathrooms are only cleaned using environmentally-friendly products. Moreover, all personnel have received special training in techniques for reducing consumption and in actions that enable working more quickly and efficiently while minimizing physical exertion.

The foods served for the breakfast buffet, in addition to being certified (for some of them), are ordered by respecting a set of packaging criteria (choice and quantity of materials) in order to limit overages and unnecessary waste production.

Our entire staff takes special pride in sorting waste and turning off any lights or electrical devices that stay on for no purpose. Personnel have also been trained to work in synergy, so as to better control and limit their ecological footprint. Moreover, they are an integral part of the “new quality” we are seeking to offer guests through the communication of values including authenticity, amiability and mutual respect.

Out of concern for consistency, our garden grows its produce according to natural methods and moreover is equipped with a water tank fed by rainwater and lit by very low consumption LEDs (1 watt).

On the administrative side, special efforts have been made to reduce the consumption of supplies (e.g. recycled paper and ink, rechargeable toner) and treat all hazardous wastes.

A real environmental commitment

Furthermore, we would like to promote other certified products like « AB » ou « Max Havelaar » which contribute to the quality of our service, as well as to your well-being and the well-being of thousands of others, for example:

In the rooms

• A Biolaine® wool mattress cover that is anti-dust mite, hypoallergenic, treated with eco-friendly products, made from local wool and produced one at a time in French plants.
• European Ecolabel shower gel and soap
• Lyocell pillows: a recent ecological innovation, Lyocell is a natural material made of hypoallergenic wood fibers , for both the stuffing and case, offering outstanding comfort.
• “Hospitality” trays filled with fair trade and organic products (teas, coffees, sugar, etc.)

On the breakfast table

• Fairtrade coffee (Max Havelaar)
• Organic “Tea Forte”, certified USDA Organic
• Muesli and cereals produced from organic agriculture (“AB” certified)
• Jams and jellies produced from organic agriculture (“AB” certified)
• Seasonal fruits, delivered on foot by our produce farmer

At the bar

• A selection of wines grown according to organic or biodynamic techniques (certified either “AB” or “Demeter”)