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Regent's Garden, 1st parisian "Ecolabel" hotel

Paris' first hotel to be awarded the Ecolabel, the Regent's Garden closely monitors its energy consumption and strives to reduce its waste production while transmitting key human and environmental values.

In order to satisfy the criteria associated with its European Ecolabel certification, the hotel is also fully committed to using organic products, both in its choice of foods (i.e. products stemming from
"Max Havelaar" and "Organic Agriculture" certified fair trade practices) and with respect to the equipment installed and its maintenance ("L'arbre vert"-labeled cleaning agents).
As such, the entire hotel staff, all of whom have been trained to adopt these practices, is dedicated to this Ecolabel-inspired approach, without at any point sacrificing the quality of our service.

To ensure effective application of these resolutions, the hotel has equipped each of its rooms with:
• low-consumption lights (fluo-compact bulbs and LEDs)
• faucet taps fitted with aerators to reduce water flow rates
• sensors that automatically shut off the air conditioning system whenever windows are open
• a card system serving as an automatic on/off light switch
• complimentary bath amenities that comply with strict environmental standards

Rooms and bathrooms are only cleaned using environmentally-friendly products.

Moreover, all personnel have received special training in techniques for reducing consumption and in actions that enable working more quickly and efficiently while minimizing physical exertion.
The foods served for the breakfast buffet, in addition to being certified (for some of them), are ordered by respecting a set of packaging criteria (choice and quantity of materials) in order to limit overages and unnecessary waste production.

Certified "European Ecolabel", these criteria make it possible to limit water consumption to what is strictly necessary.
Our entire staff takes special pride in sorting waste and turning off any lights or electrical devices that stay on for no purpose.

Personnel have also been trained to work in synergy, so as to better control and limit their ecological footprint. Moreover, they are an integral part of the "new quality" we're seeking to offer guests through the communication of values including authenticity, amiability and mutual respect.

Regent's Garden Hotel ****

6 Rue Pierre Demours 75017 PARIS
Tel: +33 (0)1 45 74 07 30
Fax: +33 (0)1 40 55 01 42


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