The garden of the Regent

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The garden of the Regent

"One of the most beautiful private gardens in Paris"


The garden of the Regent’s Garden Hotel is open for all, from 7:30 to 21:30.

The Regent’s Garden, one of Paris’ very few hotels with a garden, opens onto an expansive Japanese-style park gently lulled by the trickling fountain.

Sheltered from the rumors stirring in the capital

During the nice weather period, flowers appear among the thicket of plants offering stimulating aromas; feel free to enjoy your breakfast here, or relax by drinking a cup of tea or a cocktail.

Through the seasons...

Regardless of the season, new plants or flowers are always making an appearance :

In springtime, magnolias, rhododendron and clematis illuminate this bucolic setting.

When summer rolls around, , climbing rose bushes intertwine with the arches and intoxicate by their fragrance, while the “Annabelle” hydrangea brighten the garden with a white luster.

By the end of winter, , the garden has started to take shape thanks to the many evergreen plantings, emitting a fragrance of jasmine and citronella.

The landscape architect Xavier De Chirac has applied all his talents to making this garden a place of contemplation and relaxation that invites guests to enjoy a cool refreshing moment any time of day.

The rare species found here, like Japanese red maples, the Judea tree or the yew, add to the uniqueness of this spot.

In response to an unwavering concern for the environment, a cistern to recover rainwater as well as an automatic sprinkling system have been installed.
Along the same lines, the establishment’s remote-controlled lights use a low-consumption, LED-based lighting system. Feel free to take advantage of the garden any time of the day to cool off or simply relax.

Since the hotel is an entirely non-smoking establishment, ashtrays are made available in the garden.