The Hotel : his history

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The Hotel : his history

A gift from Napoleon III

The Regent’s Garden Hotel is a former private residence, private mansion, gift of the Emperor Napoleon III to one of his most faithful servants, Dr. Conneau. Dr. Henri François Eugene Conneau was born in Milan in 1813 “. After medical school, he went to Italy where he met the Bonaparte family in exile and with whom he took part   in the 1830 uprising
Soon after, he became the secretary and physician of Queen Hortense (wife of Louis Bonaparte and mother of Louis Napoleon, future Napoléon III until his death in 1877).
On her deathbed, Hortense entrusts the young Henri Conneau  Conneau to his son, Prince Louis, so that he might take the part he had exercised for her.
In fact, Dr. Conneau will become the companion of the good and bad days of the prince; a friend and confidant finally filled with honors and a devoted servant who will share most of the joys and sorrows of his master. He died in Corsica in 1877.

In Paris, on 19th century

This is the time when Offenbach emphasizes the joy of living of a Paris that is visibly transformed thanks to Baron Haussmann, appointed prefect of the Seine.
Not far away, on the plain Monceau, are built mansions reflecting the success of a new caste: the business bankers who will become barons of empire.

The André Jacquemart museum gives a better idea of the power and patronage exercised by this social class. Extraordinary parties are organized, highlighting to the eyes of the world the very characteristic charm of the famous “Parisian life”. The population boom is unprecedented, forcing the city out of its walls. The streets widen, extend to the rhythm of the waltzes of Strauss.

The street NAME has changed 3 times ; first « rue des Ternes », then « rue Labordère » in 1862 ; becoming « rue Pierre Demours » in 1868.

Changes to the building

Under the reign of Napoleon III the wings of the building do not exist yet. On one side are the stables and saddlery for two horses, and on the other side a room for the coachman and the attic.
In place of the car park, a circular driveway is fitted out with a median strip allowing the coachmen to get in their carriage following the path on the right, to drop off their passengers and exit in the same direction.
It was not until 1924 that the new owner, Emile Dufaut, decided to transform the building by adding two wings and building four shops along the street.

Regent's Garden becomes a hotel

The building then becomes a hotel of 35 rooms before being refitted in 1937 by Mr. Boucher who modifies the frontage. In 1950, Mr. Marcel Pirali continues the renovations. The businesses are destroyed due to widening of the roadway and the yard becomes a parking space.
Since then, from owner to owner, Regent’s Garden is restructuring to become a boutique hotel.

Today the Regent’s Garden hotel is rated 4 stars with 40 rooms and suites.